Craniotomy Scalp Hooks

Titanium Craniotomy Hooks

GA Medical offer our fully reusable Craniotomy hooks made of the highest medical/implant grade Titanium. Our fish hook type retractors can be used for various procedures by simply tying off the hook eyelet with sterile sutures, silicon tube, etc. The end can then be attached to the table frame, to a fixed retractor system or attach the end to a sterile drape with a clamp.

Many existing fish hook type retractors are often plated with titanium or are simply modified stainless steel fish hooks. Our hooks are are not compromised with the possibility of the plating flaking off, but are manufactured of solid, implant Grade 23 Titanium wire stock. After processing, each hook is hand polished close to a mirror finish.


  • •  Solid (NOT plated), Grade 23 Titanium - 6AI-4V ELI
  • •  Reusable
  • •  Autoclavable
  • •  Excellent corrosion resistance
  • •  Lower reaction to skin compared to Stainless Steel
  • •  Implant Grade - Excellent Biocompatibility
  • •  Tempered with allowable flexibility
Craniotomy Hooks - Scalp Retractor


  • •  Craniotomy Procedures
  • •  Keyhole Surgery
  • •  Thymectomies
  • •  Abdominal Procedures
  • •  Various General Surgical Procedures
  • •  General Veterinary Surgery
  • •  Large Mammal Surgery
  • •  Marine Mammal Surgery
  • •  Fish Surgery
Craniotomy Hook - Scalp Retractor

Hook Dimensions

Custom Hooks:

  • If the size or even the shape we stock is not exactly what you need, we are able to modify and even fabricate the exact size that you may require. We can do so for low to high volume orders.

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