Why GA Medical?
  1. Various manufacturing partners from Europe to Asia – giving us the ability meet your custom demands
  2. Affordable with an agreed budget
  3. Diverse manufacturing techniques allowing us to choose the most cost effective methods for fabrication
  4. We operate with low overheads and operational costs, allowing us to pass on the savings to you
  5. Experience with Intellectual Property – protecting your ideas
  6. Ability to choose partners with CE certification, FDA certification and various types of ISO certifications
  7. We commit to your work schedule – We will make time when you find time
  8. Your custom instrument has input from various sources; including a specialised engineer, industrial designer, manufacturing technician and of course, you
  9. We can personalise your instrument with ergonomic elements fit for you and/or your patient, colour coding and laser marking


Do you produce custom Veterinary Instruments?
  • Yes. We are now specialising in developing instruments and consumables for veterinary surgeons and specific animals including birds and mammals. We have also developed a line of unique instruments for Diprotodonts, Cetacea and treatment for small bird wing fractures. We are continuously working on new innovations for what we call the “niche”, under-serviced fauna.


Do you work with other local Medical Instrument manufacturers?
  • Yes. We sometimes consult with other manufacturers assisting them with design and engineering issues.


I need a custom instrument developed, but I believe that some of my colleagues may also need the same instrument too. Is it possible to have a small batch manufactured?
  • Of course. We can manufacturer as many instruments as is needed. Facilitation of a batch run of instruments for you and your colleagues would also reduce the unit price.


I have an idea for a new instrument that could have commercial success. Can you assist with my project?
  • We have clients that have proprietary ideas, so working with new intellectual property and non disclosure is something we are experienced with. We would be more then happy to partner with you in the development of your new idea, protecting your IP (including developing a patent) and avoiding pitfalls of disclosure that could compromise your idea. Furthermore, we have developed patented instruments and have access to patent attorneys here in Australia, Europe and the United States.