Design & Engineering


    Design for Prototyping

    – Often designs can be over engineered or developed for mass production. We keep this in mind and develop a design that can be fabricated most cost effectively. This works hand in hand with our partners using their vast manufacturing capabilities and choosing a process that will best suit the needs of your device. For example, sometimes a simple hand tool can be machined quickly and effectively from pre-formed parts as opposed to setting up a CNC machine, programing the information and running an expensive single run which can cost thousands of dollars.

  • Design for Manufacture

    – On the flip side to creating a one off device, our engineers can develop a design and manufacturing process for small batch runs and or for mass production.

  • Solidworks 3D Modelling

    – We use the best industry standard engineering software, creating you realistic digital models for you to inspect and analyse.

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Manufacturing

    - Multi-Axis CNC milling and tuning, traditional hand crafted forging, general machining and lathe work, various welding methods, grinding, polishing, hand assembly and most importantly, specialised manufacturing engineers that realise your instrument from raw material to an individually inspected crafted surgical instrument.

    - Finishing processes include thermal treatment in a controlled atmosphere, gloss and matt finish, electrolytic coatings, laser marking, micro granular blasting and passivation.

  • Standards & Certifications

    - Many of our manufacturing partners are ISO 9001, ISO 9002, EM 46002 and ISO 13485 certified which ensures a Quality Management System for the design and manufacture of Medical Devices. CE certification is also approved to many of our partners. This includes corrosion resistance during sterilization; selection and use of the highest quality materials and finishing processes. .



Protection of Intellectual Property

New ideas with commercial potential may need protection. We have experience in protecting new ideas and developing a pathway towards a patent.

We can assist in the following:

  1. Non Disclosure forms
  2. Drafting Provisional Patents (Giving an initial 1 year protection to develop your idea)
  3. Avoiding disclosure
  4. Access to our Patent Attorneys in Australia, Europe and USA
  5. Patenting and Trademarking
  6. Lodgement of legal documents pertaining to IP protection