GA Medical - Soft Tissue Retractor

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– Huge market potential –

– Wide scope for use –

– Unique selling qualities –

We are searching for distributors and sales specialists World Wide to add to their current range of surgical instruments  and assist us with the sales of our Propriety hand held, soft tissue retractor.

Many surgeons who have trialed and seen our retractor, foresee it as a “commonly used instrument“, with the ability to be added on any standard surgical tray as a single piece or as a pair. Its unique features and main selling point is that fact that it performs the task of two Langenbeck retractors, thus saving a hand of the user and allowing the surgeon to perform other vital tasks.

GA Medical Retractor

Key Advantages:

  • •  Held in one hand, it can perform the task of two single-bladed retractors, thus allowing the surgical assistant to retain a free hand for other duties.
  • •  Provides the potential to allow for a relatively smaller incision by enabling better access to deeper tissue around the apices of the incision, since the widest opening of the blades is inside the wound.
  • •  Retracts tissue at the apex, either side of the apex or anywhere laterally along the incision at variable retraction distances - particularly useful for use on overweight or obese patients where there maybe excess subcutaneous fatty tissue.
  • •  Designed for momentary wound exposure, but can be used for an extended periods of time as it does not require large amounts of force to spread the blades apart.
  • •  As an extra option, the unique, interchangeable blade attachment mechanism allows for simple, safe and fast intra-operative blades changes without tools.
  • •  Via special order blades can be supplied to customers as single use attachments – both simplifying sterilisation and mitigating cross contamination.
  • • When only one surgeon is available, this retractor allows the surgeon in effect to use two retractors at once in a single unit, leaving a free hand to perform other vital tasks.


  • •  Scope of Usage: Orthopaedic, Trauma, General Surgery, Overweight & Obese patient use, Ballistic Trauma Exploration/Debridement, Field/Mobile/Portable Hospitals, Forward Surgical Teams.
  • •  Certifications: CE, FDA, TGA
  • •  Material: Surgical Grade Hardened Stainless Steel
  • •  IP Status: Proprietary Design, Patent granted in multiple jurisdictions
  • •  Scope for Modification: As required, the blades can be modified to suit particular procedures
  • •  Price: Via Agreement

… I see it becoming a commonly used surgical device… it has significant use for assisting the exposure of a surgical wound...

Mr. Bernard Lynch FRACS, FAOrthA
Orthopaedic Surgeon - Victoria, Australia

GA Medical Retractor

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