About Us

GA Medical was formed to fill a gap in the under-serviced and over-priced Custom Surgical Instrumentation and Manufacturing market in the Australian. We specialise in designing, developing and manufacturing Surgical Instruments that are not currently available.

To take advantage of the best the world has to offer, we have partnered with various surgical instrument manufacturers in Germany, France and Asia, delivering you a comprehensive range of capabilities and skills. Our European partners have more then 150 years of experience giving you the benefit of generations of knowledge and the expertise of unsurpassed master craftsmen.

Although we use the best resources that are available to produce highest quality instrumentation, we still give you a solution that is within a realistic and affordable budget.

We develop a plan to best and most effectively fulfill your requirements. We analyse your needs, then target one or more of our manufacturing partners to produce your instrument using the most cost effective methods without compromising any quality. Our partnerships with these manufacturing specialists minimises the need for us to invest in expensive manufacturing equipment and keeping specialised staff on hand for what may be just one specific project. This keeps our overheads and operational costs low, so we can offer you rates and most importantly, the possibilities of design and methods of production others in Australia cannot match.


So, what do you get?

An affordable solution to your instrumentation needs, developed and engineered by GA Medical and manufactured by our partners who are most suited to your demands.

What now?

If you believe that you are in need of an instrumentation solution, you have nothing to loose but the opportunity to solve your medical device issues. So contact us now for an obligation free meeting. We really look forward to new and challenging projects and the opportunity to discuss your requirements.

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