Bone Lever - Lane Trethowan Type

Bone Lever – Lane Trethowan Type (Increased Stiffness)

Superior Stiffness and Increased Resistance to Bending“, this was the brief for our Lane Trethowan type Bone Lever.

Developed in conjunction with Australian orthopaedic surgeons, this modified bone lever was created to ease the frustration of the user due to poorly made Lane Trethowan bone levers that have a tendency to bend during orthopaedic procedures.

Our superior bone levers are carefully manufactured using custom proprietary forgings that have more material added, an ergonomic handle to increase control and comfort, and gone through a special hardening process that produces a lever that is stiffer and more durable then most high end bone levers and bone elevators on the market. It has an optimised length, that was slightly increased to accommodate the request of the surgeons and the general increase of patient size.

Lane Trethowan Bone Lever


  • •  Special Hardening process for added stiffness
  • •  Increased resistance to bending
  • •  Custom forging with added material for extra strength
  • •  Smooth tip to reduce potential tissue damage
  • •  Contoured handle for ergonomic user comfort
  • •  Increased leverage control
  • •  Increased mid handle shaft thickness
  • •  Length optimised from user feedback
  • •  Hand finished


  • •  Type: Bone Lever, Bone Elevator
  • •  Material: French Stainless Steel
  • •  Autoclavable
  • •  Rounded Tip - Blunt Tip
  • •  Total Length: 225mm, 8-13/16"
  • •  CE Certified
  • •  TGA Certified

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